Rivers: Cruising Through a Late-Summer Weekend

I have a love-hate relationship with weekends. It’s great to know that my email inbox will fill at a slower rate, that I’ll get fewer client phone calls, that I’ll have a chance to catch up on all the work that didn’t get done during the “regular” work week (as if there’s such a thing, these days).

But — and as for most people — my weekend is only 48 hours long. In those 48 hours, I need to decide what I’m going to do, how I’m going to relax, who I’m going to see… and what won’t make the cut.

Whine, whine, whine… But this past weekend, I decided to go into it with at least three making goals. Here’s my visual prompt, to keep me honest:


I wanted to finish the quilted Night Star pillow that’s been languishing on the back of the chair in my bedroom, like my grandmother’s old afghans. I wanted to make more progress toward the toe of my Wooly Tiger Hiking Socks. And I wanted to finish the first 2.5″ inches of button band/shawl collar on my Slade Cardigan, so I could start on the buttonholes. (The button bands and collar will eventually be 6″ wide.)

The ideas was, if I had something to look at, as a reminder, I’d get the work done. And I did! Here’s some proof:


Time to start the button holes for the cardigan. (Note: I can see that the yarn looks like different colors. Camera operator error.)


And the pillow is done! Here’s the back side, just for reference:


And I made good progress on my socks (not pictured here).

All in all, a happily productive weekend, from a knitting and sewing perspective. I even squeezed in some catch-up work on client projects, hiked along Lake Washington, watched a movie and had some lovely meals.

Oh! And some yarn came in the mail! Wonderful Hazel Knits yarn, from Wendee’s Summer Knotty-Naughty/Loose Ends sale. I scored a sweater’s worth of Cadence in Silhouette (pattern TBD) and enough Artisan Sock in Sedge for two pairs of socks. Happy days!



Mountains: The Crocheted Provisional Tubular Cast On

Oh, crocheted provisional tubular cast on, how I’ve come to love thee.

imageLook how great you make my in-progress Slade Cardigan look!


Thank you, Michele Wang and Brooklyn Tweed, for such awesome technical instructions in your pattern.

And thanks, everyone, for your patience while I’ve been gone from blogging this past while. It has been an incredibly busy and sometimes difficult six months, and will be for another few. But October is coming (too soon?) and with it some promised respite. Yay!

I have so much to share with you: finished objects, new works in progress, new-to-me techniques. But if I seem to be posting too sporadically here, feel free to check me out on Instagram, as @seattleknitterguy. I tend to update there much more frequently, since it’s so fast to upload a pic with a short caption. Life has been so over full and sometimes wonderful, that posting a quick snap is all I have time for, it seems.

Best, SKG.

Mountains: Waiting to Weave on a Hand Loom

I’ve been wondering what to do with all of the yarn scraps and mini skeins that I’m beginning to accumulate. I’m one part thrifty, two parts spendthrift (OK, I’m being hard on myself), and the thrifty part is winning out when it comes to saving or tossing my leftover fiber.

It was the same when I had a large workshop/studio and was designing and building furniture. Almost nothing was thrown out, and any leftover wood that was disposed of typically made its way out of the shop via the chimney of my wood stove. (Oh, how I remember shivering in that uninsulated Michigan shop, determined to keep making even when the temps outside were in the teens and the temps inside were — after lighting the fire at 6:00 a.m. and waiting a couple of hours for the place to “warm” up — still hovering in the mid-fifties.)

I’ve seen a lot of people knitting sock-yarn blankets. But at my current rate of sock knitting, I’ll probably have a lap blanket completed when I’m ready for assisted living. (Which I 1) hope to reach and 2) hope is still a long way off!)

I thought of knitting a Frankenhat or Frankenscarf, but I’m just not sure I liked the last one very much.

Just before Christmas, I came across this, at Fringe Supply Co.: a hand loom. And my question was answered. I decided to wait until after the holidays, but didn’t get it as a gift. So I ordered it for myself this morning. I can’t wait to see what happens!

On My Needles Today…

Knitting the long climb up the calf. If it wouldn’t increase the likelihood that I’d tip over in a stiff wind, I might consider foot-reduction surgery. Most days, I’m happy to be tall-ish… on some sock-knitting days, not so much!

Oh well, the really long part, the foot, is behind me. And second sock is also one-third up the leg, so I’m on the home stretch. Nothing fancy now, just rib, rib, rib.

P.S. Forgive the scraggly cuticles. I’ve been doing a lot of work involving my hands, and repeated washings have taken their toll.

up the calves